Hydraulic multipurpose four die making machine

Hydraulic multipurpose four die making machine
Model No-(HY-700)

Plate size:
4inches - 20 inches
2,00,000 PIECES /10 hr (depending on size of the plate)
Power supply:
Single or three phase as available
Power requirement:
4 KW
Items made:
Bowls, Paper Plate, Thali, Wrinkle Plates

We offer Multi Purpose Digital Four Die Paper Plate Making machine to our clients for a variety of purposes. The machine is widely useful as it has automated configurations and easy-to-use settings.
This machine is useful for multiple production reducing time and labor. The plates manufactured by these machines are of varied types and sizes depending on the requirements. One, two or four die can be insulated at a time. The production capacity, size and shape requirements can be modified as per the clients needs and specifications.
There are various dimensions and sizes available with this machinery. Customers can be assured of our market worthy prices and can further enquire us for further details. The machine also allows you to cut the paper in any shape (i.e. round, square, rectangle or leaf) and size.

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