Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine (RS-1600)

Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine
Model No. (RS-1600)

Electric Motor: :
2 H.P/3 H.P
Machine Blade Size: :
45 and 55 inches
Space Requirement:- :
8 Feet width X 8 Feet length X 6 Feet Height With One Roll Stand
Extra accessories: :
Slitter Cutter, Jogger System and Roll Stands

Specifications of Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machi
Machine Cutting Knife is made from tempered HCHCR material
Gear sets are provided to cut exact required length
Machines have heavy Cast Iron Wall
Machine operated with panel board (Dimer)
Rubber Roll in the machine has perfect density
All springs in the machine are tempered
Machine saving One Roll Stand
Gears And Pulleys are covered with M.S. cover
All the bearings are from standard company
Machine can cut up to 5 paper roll at a time

This machine is made for cutting paper in any sizes you want,it is very usefull to indicate which size of paper does your industry required for making several paper sheet sizes and in aproper manner of production in sales.we provide vary of sizes in our roll to sheet cutting machine.
Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine (Model-RS-1600) is one of the popular products in the market that we offer from our reporters. These products are known for their strong-build, heavy-duty performance, high productivity, reduced power consumption and longer service life. We follow the stringent quality checks at regular interval of time of production to ensure top quality output.